The Society was established on 27 November, 1883 by Dr Edward Waters as the Chester Medical Society and membership was 5 shillings. You can read a fascinating history of the Society by downloading the pdf opposite.

At the Presidential Evening, September 2016 we took a photo of the Past Presidents alongside the new President Dr David Ewins.

Past presidents

At the Presidential Evening, September 2015 we took a photo of the Past Presidents alongside the new President Dr Dorothy King.

At the Presidential Evening in September 2012 we took a photo of the new President, Colm O'Mahony, together with 12 Past Presidents who attended the meeting:


L-R back row: Colin Hughes, David Campbell, Sid Birchett, Paul Dennitts, Ian Russell, Richard Worth
L-R front row: Liz McClure, Isabelle Hughes, Colm O'Mahony, David Morris, Barbara Craven, Virginia Clough, ,John Williams

At the Presidential Evening in September 2010 we took a photo of the new President, Virginia Clough, together with 15 Past Presidents who attended the meeting:


L-R back row: John Houghton, Colin Hughes, Geoff Leach, David Lush, Richard Worth, Liz McClure, Ian Russell, David Campbell, John Williams.
L-R front row: Paul Dennitts, Barbara Craven, Shirley Charles-Jones, Austen Elliott, Virginia Clough, Isabelle Hughes, George Foster.

Presidents 1981 - Present Day
You can find a list of earlier Presidents in the pdf opposite.

2016-17 Dr David Ewins General practitioner
2015-16 Dr Dorothy King Consultant
2014-15 Dr Philip Mannion Consultant Microbiologist
2013-14 Dr Sally Shaw General practitioner
2012-13 Dr Colm O'Mahony Consultant Physician in Sexual Health
2011-12 Dr D Morris General practitioner
2010-11 Dr Virginia Clough Consultant haematologist and medical director
2009-10 Dr Isabelle Hughes General practitioner
2008-09 Dr R C Worth Consultant endocrinologist
2007-08 Dr Elizabeth McClure General practitioner
2006-07 Mr G Foster Consultant surgeon
2005-06 Dr I Russell General practitioner
2004-05 Dr J Williams Consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist
2003-04 Dr P J Dennitts General practitioner
2002-03 Mr David Campbell Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
2001-02 Mr J Davies-Humphries Consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist
2000-01 Dr I S Daniels General practitioner
1999-00 Dr Barbara M Craven General practitioner
1998-99 Dr G R Youngs Consultant gastroenterologist
1997-98 Dr A C Hughes General practitioner
1996-97 Dr J E Houghton Consultant radiologist
1995-96 Dr J F Judge General practitioner
1994-95 Dr D Lush Consultant anaesthetist
1993-94 Dr Betty Cockburn General practitioner
1992-93 Dr D W Fielding Consultant paediatrician
1991-92 Dr S G Leech General practitioner
1990-91 Dr J E Robinson Consultant anaesthetist
1989-90 Dr Shirley Charles Jones General practitioner
1988-89 Mr J F Kane Consultant surgeon
1987-88 Dr H Frood General practitioner
1986-87 Mr J A D Walkden Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
1985-86 Dr K Lee Occupational physician
1984-85 Dr R A Owen Consultant radiologist
1983-84 Dr J E D Charles Jones General practitioner
1982-83 Dr R G Snow Consultant anaesthetist
1981-82 Dr L G C Martin Consultant homeopathic physician and general practitioner

Class of '37

Can anyone name these illustrious looking colleagues from the resident staff of Chester Royal Infirmary of over 60 years ago? This image was sent to Virginia Clough by a family clearing out old family belongings. Answers to Virginia! Click on the photo for a larger version.

Resident-Medical-Staff-1937 (1)

Treasure trove

Whilst clearing out some rooms in the Education Centre at the Countess we discovered this doctors' bag from the 1940's complete with glass syringes, masks and other "tools of the trade"!




Past Academic Secretaries

1991-92     Dr I Hughes
1992-93     Dr I Hughes
1993-94     Dr I Hughes

1994-95     Dr R Etherington
1995-96     Dr R Etherington
1996-97     Dr R Etherington

1997-98     Dr S Shaw
1998-99     Dr S Shaw
1999-00     Dr S Shaw
2000-01     Dr S Shaw
2001-02     Dr S Shaw
2002-03     Dr S Shaw

2003-04     Dr G Sissons
2004-05     Dr G Sissons
2005-06     Dr G Sissons
2006-07     Dr G Sissons

2007-08     Dr R Davies
2008-09     Dr R Davies
2009-10     Dr R Davies

2010-15     Mr J Rao