We are keen to encourage all Doctors living and working locally to join the Society. Knowing your local colleagues can only be helpful in improving the care that we offer to our patients as well as improving professional day to day practice and offering a pleasant social opportunity.

Local doctors in training grades can join for free!

New members

The cost of membership for qualified Doctors is extremely modest at £30 per year, payable by standing order.  There is no charge for local doctors in training grades.

To join please:

  1. Email and introduce yourself
  2. Download and print the pdf of our Standing Order Form and send this directly to your own bank. Or,if Internet banking, note the details of the bank account of the society on the pdf form and then arrange the new standing order online with your own bank.
  3. We will register you for our newsletter when you apply.

Existing Members: please complete update your Standing Order!

Will all existing members please check that they are paying £30 by Standing Order

  1. If you need to set up a new standing order (e.g. changing bank) then please download the 'New Standing Order form'.
  2. If you need to amend your existing Standing Order then please download the 'Amend Standing Order form'

In both cases please send this directly to your own bank.  Or, if internet banking, note the details of the bank account of the society on the appropriate form above and then either set up a new standing order or amend your standing order, as appropriate, online with your own bank.

Not sure if you are on the database? Or wish to leave CNWMS?  Or a query regarding the database of members?

If you are not sure if you have already registered, or you are moving or retiring and wish to leave the Society, or you have any other query, then please email  or call 01244 364727  or email